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Climbing In The School Yard
Are you an educator looking for ways to engage your students using real-life experiential opportunities?

Tree climbing is a great way to build self-reliance, connect to the natural world and have fun.

School basic tree climbing events are customized to meet your group's unique needs. Before the event you will spend time with Adventure Tree staff discussing the different options for your group.

Typically the event starts with a foundation activity that the group can apply when they are in the tree. This focus might be team building, tree biology and research, or basic knot tying. Once the group is feeling confident about their new skills the group will then begin to transition into the fun and excitement of applying their new knowledge as they learn about the gear and climbing techniques to take to the trees.

The basic tree climbing experience is usually 2-3 hours and can accommodate up to 15 students. For larger groups we suggest two or more rotations with the possibility of planning ground activities for alternating groups. Each rotation requires approximately 2 hours.

Click here for ideas about learning programs that use tree climbing: Tree Climbing Educational Programs.pdf

Click here for description of the Adventure Tree Climb And Learn Program: Adventure Tree Climb and Learn Programs.pdf

If you have a tree in the schoolyard that you would like to use for tree climbing, Adventure Tree can visit and assess the tree. If the tree is appropriate for climbing, then you will soon be climbing right on your campus. Don't despair if you don't have a tree available, Adventure Tree has several trees within 20 minutes of downtown that can be used for school tree climbing events.

Contact Guy at Adventure Tree to discuss the opportunities available for students ages 8 - 108. Younger ages may safely climb, however their cognitive development may limit how quickly they learn the skills so extra time may be required. We look forward to working with you and your students.

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