Adventure Tree
Arranging A Program Or Climb


Contact us at 508-243-5957 or to arrange for an Adventure Education Program, a Group Tree Climbing Event or a Multi-Pitch Tree Climb. We will fit a program to your goals and needs.

Additionally, we have Public Canopy Climbs and Moonlight Canopy Climbs.


Adventure Ed programs are often run in outdoor locations such as parks, school yards, etc. Longer programs or indoor programs can be run at your site or at a third party location.

Tree Climbs: We have climbing trees in Ferguson, Richmond Heights, and Eureka, MO - all in the St. Louis area. Sometimes we climb in National Forests. Many times the best trees for your climb are at your site.


Public Canopy Climbs are the first Sunday of the month during the climbing season.

Moonlight Canopy Climbs are in the days just before the full moon during Winter and early Spring.

Other programs or climbs are scheduled as required to fulfill your needs.


Our fees start at a retail level, and then decrease from there. Our mission is education and therapy and we want to provide these to any deserving group regardless of ability to pay. Many of our programs are done for free.

We urge all who can afford it to pay full price, especially if you're doing a recreational event, which supports our ability to provide programs for education and therapy. If you're not in a position to pay full price, please talk to us and we will make every effort to support your educational and therapeutic goals.

If you might be doing multiple programs or events then please contact us. We will do the first program for free or a reduced rate for demonstration and evaluation.


Public Canopy Climb: $34 - Adult Climber
$29 - Student / Youth

Group Tree Climbing Event: $200 minimum
First 6 participants climb free; $25 / climber thereafter

Moonlight Canopy Climb: $70 / participant
$60 / youth or student

Multi-pitch Tree Climb: 1 participant = $275
2 participants = $375
3 participants = $450

Adventure Education Facilitation: 1 hour = $100
2 hour = $175
3 hour = $240
1 day = $500

These fees may be adjusted downward for educational and therapeutic programs.