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Tree Climbing At Camp
Why tree climbing in camps?

Part of the camp experience is the opportunity to be immersed in the natural world, and we can't think of a better way to make that connection than through a tree. I mean who doesn't have fond memories of climbing a tree or hiding under the boughs of a favorite conifer? It's just that simple, people love trees and should have the opportunity to connect in this unique way.

Recreational tree climbing is a way for campers to have the safe experience of climbing into the tree tops. Most climbing trees have branches so high they are impossible to climb without ropes and harnesses, which makes the climb even more thrilling. During the climb most climbers experience overcoming fears and developing a sense of self-reliance and pride as they learn to use arborist techniques to ascend into the treetops.

How do you get started?

Trees and People

First you need trees!! Adventure Farm's certified arborist will come out to your camp and help you assess your trees to determine if they are appropriate for tree climbing. Once it is determined that you have the trees for climbing, you are encouraged to schedule a one or two day introductory event, which can include staff and/or camper climbs. We are confident that you will get a positive response from the participants, and when you do that's time for step two.

Planning Events

Adventure Farm offers opportunities as diverse as multiple week camper climbs providing all the staff and equipment, to minimal support with the camp supplying equipment and ground support.

Since we realize that all camps are unique, once you are committed to having tree climbing events at your camp it is important to continue the conversation with Adventure Tree to begin to make a plan for your custom needs.

Contact Guy at Adventure Tree to discuss the opportunities available for your camp. We look forward to working with you.

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