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Learning To Tree Climb

Learn to safely climb trees on your own. Climb high to the top of a tree and access parts of the canopy that you never thought possible. People have been climbing trees since time immemorial and now you can do it safely and easily using modern gear and techniques. Experience the exhilaration and joy of sitting on a branch high above the world in a giant of the forest and swaying soothingly in the breeze.

Tree climbing is possible for a wide variety of individuals. The basic system: Double Rope Technique, provides mechanical advantage and an anchor in the tree for climbing in spots that might not otherwise be possible. No prior climbing experience is necessary in order to learn tree climbing. Students are generally 18 years of age or older. Younger students may be accepted into training when accompanied by a responsible adult.

In Adventure Tree's "Learn the Ropes" course, you will learn the basics of setting a line into the tree and tying your climbing system. Techniques for effective climbing, anchoring and advancing your rope to the top of a tree will be covered. You will also learn about climbing gear and strength ratings, safety practices and tree assessment. We also provide training in advanced climbing gear and practices such as split-tail, positioning lanyard, state-of-the-art climbing hitches, etc.

Your instructor, Guy Mott, has a Master's of Education in Adventure Learning degree and is a certified arborist by the International Society of Arboriculture. Guy has been climbing trees, facilitating challenge courses and teaching people to climb for more than 5 years.

Click here for an outline of Adventure Tree's Learn The Ropes Course: Learn The Ropes Course Outline.pdf

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